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Preventing Workplace Theft

March 8th, 2012 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments

Quick: Where is your purse or wallet right now?

Under your desk or in a drawer, perhaps? In your jacket pocket or briefcase? Those are often the first places thieves look. And it only takes a few seconds for a good thief to scoop your valuables.

Since you see your colleagues every day, it’s easy to let your guard down. However, bear in mind that delivery, sales and repair persons, as well as clients and random strangers, often pass through your workplace.

Here are a few strategies to prevent theft at work:

Lock it up. Keep purses, wallets, keys and other valuables in a locked drawer or on your person. Leave extra credit cards, cash and cheque books at home.

Memorize safe and vault combinations or computer passwords. One back-up strategy is to write these on a piece of paper and file it in a locked cabinet.

Mark and identify all office equipment and furniture. Thieves are less likely to take easily traceable items.

Do not identify your office or personal keys. And store them on separate rings. Why tell a thief where the valuables are?

Check ID for a stranger entering your office to do repair or service work. Do not leave anyone alone – even a person you’ve seen before. You can always ask for a signed work order. Never allow unauthorized repairs to alarm systems or communications equipment. And don’t let any property leave the building without a written order or receipt, and only after verifying it with the person who authorized the work.

Notify your building manager if you notice any dimly lit areas or malfunctioning lights. Doors and windows that won’t lock, broken glass panes, and overgrown shrubbery near doorways should also be reported.

If you see a burglar or vandal at work:

  • Stay calm and do not try to confront the person.
  • Call 9-1-1 or other appropriate authority. Emergency numbers should beposted near every phone.
  • Jot down a detailed description of the person you are, including height,weight, race, age, hair colour and haircut, complexion, facial hair,eyeglasses, eye colour, scars or unusual marks.
  • Also describe the suspect’s clothing, jewelry, weapon (if any), anddirection of escape.
  • If the thief used a vehicle, note its colour, make and license number.

The Radius spring e-newsletter also highlights the need for checks and balances in your accounting and inventory systems. And, of course, the need for a properly installed and maintained security system.

Author: Susanna Chu

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