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Securing Your Construction Site

July 19th, 2013 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    10   comments

construction_fence.jpgBuilding permits are on the rise across Canada—residential permits went up 21% in April. Condos are springing up across the Lower Mainland. You may be building a laneway house, tearing down and replacing your existing home, or opting for extensive renovations.

With summer comes an increase in construction—and theft from job sites. While Canadian statistics are not readily available, the U.S. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates as much as $1 billion in metals and equipment is stolen from construction sites each year.

Copper wiring, heavy equipment and high-tech tools go missing from construction sites every day. And seldom return. Only 19 per cent of equipment stolen in 2010 was recovered, according to the NICB.

So what can a contractor or homeowner do to secure a job site?

1. Install:

  • Secure, portable storage containers
  • Good lighting
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Motion detectors, intrusion detectors and alarm systems
  • Video surveillance

2. Employ after-hours security personnel

3. Record equipment serial numbers

4. Track inventory. Know where keys and equipment are at all times. Too many thefts are inside jobs.

5. Conduct criminal record checks on contractors/employees.

6. Store materials in a locked garage, not an unsecured living room. Materials that take more than 10 minutes to steal are dramatically less likely to be taken.

7. Use just-in-time delivery to minimize materials on site.

8. Make equipment hard to move. Use wheel and sleeve locks. Cluster heavy equipment around more vulnerable vehicles and hardware.

9. Check all locks at the end of each day.

Radius Security professionals can also suggest a range of security options for your job site, large or small. Our affordable Iris video alarm system is completely wireless, requiring no AC power, Internet or phone lines. Contact us for more information.



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