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Traffic Quiz for Back to School

September 11th, 2012 | by admin admin | in Safety Advice |    0   comments

crossing_street.jpg1. When children see an approaching car, which do they notice first:

             a) speed

             b) colour

             c) make and model

2. A child’s field of vision is how much narrower than an adult’s?

             a) one-half

             b) not at all—it’s the same

             c) one-third

3. How much distance does a car require to come to a complete stop when driving at 50 km/h?

             a) 27 metres

             b) 5 metres

             c) 13 metres

4. Most pedestrian accidents happen to children

             a) 5 to 9 years old in mid-block crossings

             b) 10 to 14 years old at intersections

             c) both a and b

5. What is the most frequently reported child pedestrian activity that results in injury or death?

             a) running onto the road

             b) crossing at an intersection

             c) texting on a cell phone


1 b) colour. Children first notice a car’s colour, not how fast the vehicle is approaching. Until they are about eight years old, it is difficult for them to even assess whether a vehicle is moving or not.  Children also have difficulty determining where sounds are coming from.

2 c) one-third. Children cannot see as much of the road as adults can.

3 a) 27 metres. That’s more than twice the distance required at 30 km/h (13 metres). Plus, children assume cars stop instantly and are unable to judge whether there is enough time to cross the road without being struck. That’s why it’s important to obey speed limits in school zones.

4 c) both. Drivers need to be extra-vigilant around elementary and high schools.

5 b) crossing at an intersection. Next is running onto the road. So, pedestrians of all ages need to pay attention when crossing the street.

Here are some more traffic safety reminders for drivers, parents and students:

  • A 30 km/h speed limit is in effect in school zones from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Watch for school buses with flashing lights and other vehicles stopped in the road—be prepared to stop for pedestrians.
  • Watch for pedestrians when you’re backing up.
  • Allow children to exit the car on the sidewalk side. Never allow a child to cross mid-block, even with a parent.
  • Remind children to put away headphones, cell phones, iPods and other gadgets so they can focus on the road.
  • Encourage children to wear bright clothing.
  • Beware of parking lots. Avoid walking through them, if possible. Otherwise, stop and check right, left, right in case any parked vehicles move. As a driver, walk around your car to check for small children before backing up.

The Vancouver School Board, Vancouver Police, RCMP and ICBC have more back-to-school traffic safety tips for you at






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