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Fire, Water and C02 Monitoring Can Help you Save on Insurance

July 14th, 2019 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments

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When applying for home or commercial building insurance, many providers will look for places that have security systems in place to reduce liability. This reduction in liability can be passed on to you in the form of a reduction in insurance premiums. Some common monitoring services that insurers look for include:

-        Fire and Smoke Monitoring

-        Water and Flood Monitoring

-        Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Detection

Fire and Smoke Monitoring

Every home and commercial building should have working fire and smoke detectors. These work by being triggered when smoke blocks a sensor within the detector. When properly monitored, the monitoring centers will be alerted when a detector has been triggered, and can take immediate action to notify the appropriate responders.

Water and Flood Monitoring

Another security system that insurers will look at is water and flood monitoring. A water detector will alert the monitor as soon as water is detected. This is ideal for homes with basements, or buildings with sprinkler systems or other sources of water. The sooner people are notified, the quicker that action can be taken to mitigate damage. This is especially useful in commercial buildings overnight when noone is present. This can mitigate the insurers risk, and therefore reduce your premiums.

CO2 and CO Monitoring

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced by humans and exhaled with each breath. It is not harmless when in normal amounts, but if levels rise to hard, it can prevent us from breathing in enough oxygen. Carbon Monoxide, on the other hand, is very dangerous as it takes the place of oxygen in red blood cells. Proper CO2 and CO monitoring can help ensure everyone present in the building is safe and notified should a leak or accident happen.

By having your building monitored in real time for these things, you are doing your part and due diligence to protect your asset and the people in it. As a result, you should be saving money on your insurance premiums as a lower risk customer. 

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