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How Will an Access Control System Help Secure my Place of Business?

January 11th, 2022 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments

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Your business security is only as secure as you make it. With any booming business, it can be difficult to keep track of who is coming and going, whether this is employees, deliveries, customers, clients or any number of other people. When unwanted consequences such as theft or damage happens, not knowing who was in the building can make it hard to determine cause, and prevent it from happening again. By installing access control systems in your Vancouver business, you can help to manage your business security, and keep you and your property secure.

What are access control systems?

Access control systems are specialized systems which restrict access to certain doors where they are installed. These systems are different than a traditional key lock, as they use a wireless fob (or code, depending on the system) to grant access. Access control systems can be installed not only on exterior doors, but also at any specific area, such as restricted rooms, elevators, yard gates and so on.

What makes access control systems so powerful is the ability to program each fob for each specific employee or person granted access. This allows not only tracking of who and when is “fobbing in” to your business, but also customizing each fob to allow different levels of permission for different users. For example, you may only grant certain employees access during the workday, but 24 hour access for others. Some users may have access to the exterior door, but not to specific rooms or offices. The access control system can also be combined with the alarm, allowing users to arm and disarm the alarm using the same fobs.

Increased Business Security

It is probably already clear how this system can increase security, but let's highlight some of the key points. Using an access control system can not only reduce loss, but also liability. It allows for tracking of employee access, which can monitor time, and attendance. Should a fob ever be lost, it is easy to disable that fob and administer a new one. This is a huge plus over having to rekey an entire business. Access control systems can also protect your employees from the threat of unauthorized visitors.

It may be time to invest in an access control system for your business. Contact Security Systems Vancouver to learn more and get started today.

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