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What to Do After a Break-In?

March 28th, 2020 | by admin admin | in Safety Advice |    0   comments

It can feel quite devastating when thieves enter your home or business premise. Break-ins make people feel helpless, violated, and angry.

But if you are not careful, thieves may come to steal again in your house or business office.

Here are our best top five tips to follow.

1. Call the police

You should be proactive but not reactive, make sure you call the police. Never confront the criminals but call police immediately.

If you aren't sure if criminals are still there, call the police, and let them check the premises first.

2. Secure your house again

After you call the police and identify where the thieves entered your home, you must re-secure the criminal route with immediate effect.

If the window or the door was damaged, it should be repaired as soon as possible, and if the thieves stole your keys, make sure you call an expert and change your locks right away.

3. Identify what is missing

Do thorough research in your home to check what was taken. This can be a credit card bill or paperwork that the thieves steal to tamper with your identity.

It is essential to report any missing item to the police without any delay. If your electronic gadgets such as smartphones or tablets have been stolen, use the finder applications on connected gadgets if you have them installed. This may help you to know where your items are.

However, do not try to retrieve your stolen items on your own.

4. Submit insurance claims

Look for your insurance policy to check what you are entitled to claim. As you may be required to give proof of ownership of your precious things, it is good to keep on file receipts, credit cards, valuations, and product serial numbers.

Most insurance companies can even be called in the middle of the night.

5. Carry out a security audit

Carrying out a great security audit helps you to know if there are any ways to get into your house, like entering through the windows or doors, or climbing on an electric fence.

If you need some help with doing a security audit, then contact us. Security is our business. 

Break-ins are terrible to experience, but you will feel better once you are organized and protect yourself better than before.

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