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Radius Security helps keep our communities safe and as such it’s important that our community initiatives help to prevent crime. Our Community Matters team works in close collaboration with community partners to support youth who are overcoming barriers to create positive, lasting relationships, and become leaders in their communities.

This team is an employee-lead philanthropic committee responsible for determining the recipients of the company’s annual charitable donations and volunteer efforts.

Supporting Youth Facing Barriers – Our work with the Pacific Community Resources Society

Our partnership with the Pacific Community Resource Society aligns well because of its mission to provide social services in youth education, employment, housing, substance abuse, mental health and family services.

Our donation has impacted youth in the community received during the summer months to spend some time learning cooking techniques from a qualified instructor and earning high school credits. Some youth were also attracted to the program due to food insecurity in their homes.

We also teamed up with our colleagues to raise money for PCRS' Honour Secondary School. The youth enrolled in Honour Secondary School needed an alternative to the public school system to complete their education. As part of our partnership with PCRS we've learned about the impact of completing their education in providing for themselves and securing meaningful employment. Honour Secondary is a self-paced program that is designed to meet each youth's individual needs and learning style.

Every winter season a team of volunteers from our team organize a campaign to raise funds for our chosen partner. In the 2022 season, our team raised over $21,000 for the Pacific Community Resource Society. These funds went towards providing a hamper to some local families, full of turkey, essentials and a week's worth of groceries. Funds also went towards upgrading the technology for students of Honour Secondary School.

If you would like to learn more about PCRS, visit their website.

Community Reconciliation – Our work with the John Howard Society

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve at the John Howard Society over the holiday season. My children and I gained a valuable life experience by becoming aware of needs of the people of the downtown eastside. Our eyes were opened to this great need in our own backyard. We were humbled by the expression of gratitude from those less fortunate."

-- Vancouver Fire and Radius Security volunteer

The John Howard Society contributes to building safe communities by providing a variety of programs and services supporting people directly involved in the criminal justice system or who are at risk of involvement. Their mission is to foster inclusive, safe, and healthy communities.

Radius Security’s contributions have been directed to their Choices and Consequences program which brings experiential speakers to schools, youth custody facilities, and other community organizations to share their personal stories of the choices that brought them into contact with the law.

In 2019 our funds are supporting the launch of the new Restorative Justice program, an alternative to the criminal justice system for individuals who have caused harm in their community. The program provides a facilitated meeting where the person who caused harm and those impacted can meet and collaboratively create a contract, or resolution agreement, to repair the harm.

If you would like to learn more about the John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland, visit their website.

Surrey Food Bank

At Radius Security, we are proud of our past work with the Surrey Food Bank. This amazing organization supports 12 to 14,000 people each month. And 41% of those clients are children. That’s between 4,900 and 5,700 kids coping with some of life’s greatest challenges. The Surrey Food Bank not only feeds, but also provides programs and services for the most vulnerable in our community. That's a natural match for Radius Security's philosophy of empowering vulnerable community members to make better choices.

In 2016, Vancouver Fire and Radius Security raised $5,883 and donated almost 1,150 pounds of food. These results put Vancouver Fire and Radius Security in the top 10 of the 246 companies that held Holiday Food and Fund Drives for the Surrey Food Bank that year. Not bad for a first try.

For its encore, the company tripled its funds raised to $16,305.44 in 2017. And again, an enthusiastic crew volunteered at the distribution centre. Following the holiday campaign, the Surrey Food Bank sent us a letter describing their valuable work and their appreciation for community partners like Radius Security.

Letter from Surrey Food Bank

Witnessing the Lasting Impact on Radius Security Employees

The Community Matters team is a volunteer committee, with the goal of encouraging our employees to be responsible givers in all aspects of their lives.

To learn more about our initiatives follow us on Instagram (@com_matters).

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