How Our Vancouver Monitoring Systems work FOR YOUR HOME

Fire / Smoke

In a case of fire or smoke, the smoke detector senses smoke or heat and sends a signal to the control panel where it is relayed through to our 24-7 fire monitoring station.

In the case of fire/smoke the local fire department is notified and dispatched.

Burglar Alarm

In a burglar alarm situation either the glass break detector or motion detector senses an event. This sends a signal to the control panel, the siren is activated and the signal is relayed to our 24-7 alarm monitoring station.

Trouble Signals

In the case of a trouble signal (for example by water detector) the list of contacts would be notified immediately.


In the case of a break in, the 24-7 alarm monitoring station receives the signal and validates the alarm by calling the contact list on file. If we are not able to make contact to confirm the event, the local police are notified to attend the scene. If desired we can also send our runner guard service to ensure a quick response.

A Guard is sent to confirm the break-in.

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