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  SPRING 2010

Does Mould Make You Sick?

Your child inexplicably coughs, wheezes and complains of headaches. Some of your co-workers often complain about itchy eyes, throat or skin, plus dizziness and fatigue. One explanation could be poor indoor air quality. Moulds or other contaminants such as dust, mildew and pollen can cause allergic reactions when inhaled.

The key to controlling mould is moisture control. To prevent condensation in your home, ensure adequate ventilation in moist areas like the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, attic and crawl spaces. Stop stagnant water from collecting around heating ventilation and air conditioning system parts, and empty drip pans regularly.

If you have a water leak, repair it promptly and permanently. Then,

  • clean mould from smooth surfaces using detergent and water.
  • clean and dry water damaged carpets, underlay and building materials within 24 hours. Otherwise, consider disposing of them.
  • throw out contaminated porous materials such as mouldy ceiling tiles, drywall or carpets with mildew.

Indoor Air Quality: Mould and Other Biological Contaminants by HealthLink B.C.

More information:

Fighting Mould – The Homeowners’ Guide by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Indoor Air Quality: A guide for building owners, managers and occupants by WorkSafe B.C.

Star Light,
Star Bright

With camping season just around the corner, it’s time to dust off your binoculars. Even in town, you can readily spot Venus -- the bright evening star -- without binoculars, starting late March. Mercury appears close to Venus on the horizon about half an hour after sunset. You can also stargaze with knowledgeable volunteers at the Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory on Saturday evenings, by donation.

Protect Your Family Against
the “Silent Killer”

Question: I’ve heard people talking about the “Silent Killer,” carbon monoxide. What exactly is it, and what can I do to protect my family?

Answer: Carbon monoxide (CO) is an especially poisonous gas. You can’t smell it or see it. Appliance or heaters that burn gas, oil, natural gas, wood, propane or kerosene produce carbon monoxide. When these fuels aren’t completely burned and vented properly, CO can reach dangerous levels.

To protect your family, install CO detectors and have them connected to your monitored security alarm system. When the alarm goes off, it will notify you locally and send a signal to the monitoring station so it can dispatch help. Also, maintain your appliances and heaters to lessen the risk of CO poisoning. One major no-no: Don’t leave your car running in your garage when it is closed because it can expose you to high levels of CO.

Early symptoms of CO poisoning, such as headaches, nausea and fatigue, are often mistaken for the flu because the deadly gas goes undetected in a home. Prolonged exposure can lead to brain damage and even death.

Radius Security provides professionally installed, monitored CO detectors. For more information, call us at 604.232.2405.


What's On In
Greater Vancouver?

City of Banghra
See www.vibc.org for venues
April 29 to May 8

Vancouver Marathon
Concord Pacific Place
May 2

Vancouver Sun Run and Fair
Downtown Vancouver
May 6 to 9

Vancouver International Children’s Festival
Vanier Park
May 17 to 24

Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair
Cloverdale Fair Grounds
May 21 to 24

Dragon Boat Festival
Concord Pacific Place,
Creekside Park, False Creek
June 19 to 20

Growing Wise

Preventing Gardening Mishaps

  1. Check lawn and work areas for rocks, nails, glass and other hazards.
  2. Keep children at a safe distance.
  3. Use protective gear such as gloves, ear plugs and goggles.
  4. Wear proper shoes or boots when operating hand tools and power equipment.
  5. Consider controlling pests without chemicals. If you use pesticide, check for the Pest Control Products Act number on the label and follow label directions.

Garden Safety Fact Sheet by Health Canada


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