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  WINTER 2010

Getting to Work this Winter

La Niña has Metro Vancouver bracing for a long, cold winter. Remembering winter 2008, many commuters are better prepared this year.

Step one is installing winter tires, and equipping your car. Do you have a shovel, traction mat, first-aid kit, and extra windshield washer fluid on hand? See WorkSafeBC’s Winter Driving Survival Checklist for more items to stock.

Once you’re on the road, use your common sense. Slow down, and don’t follow other vehicles – especially salt trucks and snow plows – too closely. If you skid, ease off your brakes and look and steer smoothly in the direction you want to go. Don’t slam on the brakes or oversteer. See DriveBC’s Tips for Safe Winter Driving.

Leaving the car at home? Use Translink's Trip Planner to plan your route and check the radio and Internet often for updates.

As the days get shorter, walk in well-lit areas whenever possible. Watch for black ice on sidewalks and roadways. Dress warmly, and wear sensible shoes for the cold. It could be a long walk.

Making the Most of an Office Party

1. Show up.
2. Chat with everyone. Everyone.
3. Browse news and gossip sites to prep for #1.
4. Set a two-drink limit. Cranberry soda looks like a cocktail.
5. Leave the kids at home.
6. Turn off the Blackberry and iPhone.
7. Sample hors-d’oeuvres you can’t afford.
8. Go home before everyone else does.
9. Thank your boss for a great party.

When to Replace Your Security Alarm's Batteries

Question: How long do the batteries last in my wireless devices, and how do I know when they need replacing?

Answer: In most wireless security systems, batteries have a long life. Their longevity is based on the type of device they are in and how often the device is activated.

Most security devices are self-monitoring and send a signal to the main control panel identifying a low-battery condition. When this happens you can call us at 604.232.2407 and we will be more than happy to help you solve your problem.


What's On In Greater Vancouver?

Christmas in Williams Park
Township of Langley - December 6-18

Bright Nights Christmas Train
Stanley Park - November 26 to January 1, 2011

Festival of Lights
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
December 10 to January 2, 2011

Chinese New Year Parade
Vancouver Chinatown – February 6, 2011

Vancouver International Dance Festival
See web site for venues
March 1 – 19

Let there be Light (and Heat)


  1. Have an emergency kit and plan ready. See GetPrepared.ca
  2. A battery-operated or hand-crank radio will give you updates and info.
  3. Use flashlights, not candles. Keep extra batteries on hand.
  4. Don't use outdoor or charcoal barbeques indoors. Store all portable stoves and fuels away from your home.
  5. Do not connect a portable or stationary generator directly to a house wiring system without the proper installation of a CSA-approved transfer switch. For more information, check B.C. Hydro's Home Outage Preparation

Quick Safety Tip


A space heater placed too close to flooring and combustibles such as draperies, paper and flammable liquids can cause them to ignite. Don't dry your clothes on a space heater. Any appliance near water (e.g. in the bathroom or kitchen) also poses an electrical hazard.

Source: Electric Space Heaters Fact Sheet by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission


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