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  FALL 2010

Cute Button Batteries Can Be Deadly

They’re everywhere: in greeting cards, remote controls, cameras, toys. To a toddler, a lithium ion battery looks like a shiny button. Many adults mistake them for pills lying on a table.

Once swallowed, however, the batteries can quickly burn through your esophagus or gastrointestinal tract—which can lead to damaged vocal chords, multiple surgeries and permanent feeding tubes. Most fatalities involve large 20-mm batteries.

Be alert for symptoms such as choking, wheezing, reluctance or refusal to eat or drink, and chest pain. If you suspect someone has swallowed a battery, seek medical help immediately. Intervention is needed within hours of ingestion. Do not allow the victim to eat or drink, since surgery will be necessary.

Some Prevention Tips:
  • Only purchase toys and devices with secured, child-proof battery compartments.
  • Safely dispose of all used batteries.
  • Do not leave any loose batteries, new or old, lying around your home.

Seattle Children’s Hospital video
Consumer Reports blog

Some Healthy Snack
Ideas for School

Pita chips – Peel open pita pockets. Brush both sides with olive oil. Sprinkle with sea salt and herbs. Bake at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. Add hummus for dip.

Breakfast cereals – Skip the sweet stuff.

Minimalist granola – Toss rolled oats in oil and brown sugar (cinnamon, optional). Bake at 300 degrees till golden, stirring occasionally. Sprinkle with vanilla extract when done. Add dried fruit.

Plain yogourt -- Sweeten with jam or fruit preserves.

Popcorn – Naked.

A Security Alarm You Can See

Question: When security alarms go off in my neighbourhood you can hear them but can’t really tell which one is in alarm. Is there any way to make it clearer when my house is in alarm?

Answer: Yes there is. The addition of a small blue strobe light to your system mounted under a roof overhang at the front of your house works well. The strobe light flashes when the system is in alarm. This is a good way to identify where the alarm is coming from. The strobe can continue to operate after the siren times out or until the system is restored to normal.

If you have questions about adding a strobe light to your system, please contact us at 604.232.2407.


What's On In Greater Vancouver?

Terry Fox Run - Run Sites
September 19

Mid-Autumn Moon Public Festival
Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden - September 19

Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival
Renfrew Community Centre - September 25

Halloween Ghost Train
Stanley Park - October 8 to 31

Events-- see South Asian Post article for venues
October 23 to November 5

Chanukah Party
Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver
December 5

Santa Claus Parade
Downtown Vancouver - December 5

Festival of Lights
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
December 10 to January 2, 2011

Gifts from Wise Men (and Women)


  1. Ignore direct solicitations. Research first, and then decide on the organization you wish to donate to.
  2. Don’t click on e-mailed links. Type the charity’s URL manually, and watch carefully for misspelled addresses (e.g."www.reddcross.ca"), likely leading to bogus sites.
  3. Be Internet savvy: Keep personal and financial information private.
  4. Beware of high-pressure tactics, especially demands for money. Ask for a brochure, web address or pre-paid donation envelope.
  5. Look closely at who’s asking. Is a child asking for toys or money? Does the donation box look home-made?

Quick Safety Tip


A leaky or clogged eavestrough can lead to icy patches around your house when temperatures dip. And ice on your gas meter may affect the flow of natural gas into your home. Take an ounce of prevention: Clean and repair your gutters this fall.

Fall Safety Tips by Manitoba Hydro


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