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Looking for security guards to patrol your property? As a full-service security provider, Radius Security can arrange a guard service to protect your business. Regular patrols offer a visible presence and some peace of mind.

However, they can be expensive and at times, vulnerable. Intruders may wait for a security patrol to pass by, distract a guard to gain entry, or intimidate a lone patrol. On- site guards also raise concerns over fatigue and quality issues.

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Radius’ remote guarding service--a virtual security patrol and guard replacement service—offers an affordable alternative to traditional security patrols.

  • Coverage: Multiple cameras continuously scan large, open spaces such as construction sites, auto dealerships and businesses with outdoor assets
  • Responsiveness: Video analytics technology detects and tracks objects in real time. Radius security professionals can respond immediately to alarms via live audio and video feeds.
  • Priority Dispatch: Video alarm verification [link to VAV page?] ensures a rapid police response. Our central monitoring station operators can also direct officers on site to the intruder's location.
  • Regular Patrols: Radius security personnel—or you—can conduct virtual patrols using intelligent cameras that pan, tilt and zoom.
  • Reliability: Our virtual security patrol is always alert, always present.
  • Reporting: Detailed time logs and video evidence provide you with comprehensive, accurate incident reports
  • Affordability: Remote guarding services cost a fraction of security guard salaries.

remote-guarding-construction-site.jpgProtect your assets. Radius security professionals can silently notify police and increase the chances of apprehending the intruder. Or, they may use speakers to warn an intruder to leave immediately because police are on the way. Either way, our central monitoring station operators will take appropriate action based on your instructions.

Fast Response. Effective Protection. Affordable Rates. Contact us for more information about our remote guarding services.


           Roger Bhajan speaks about how effective Remote Guarding is and
           how it helps him keep his dealership operational.

            Aly Jiwani General Manager of OpenRoad BMW compares
            Radius Security's Remote Guarding to Static Guard Service.

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