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Monitored video surveillance systems with Video Alarm Verification offer the best security for your business. More than a burglar alarm. More than DVRs and video security cameras. Video alarm verification adds a critical layer of protection to your existing security system.

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VAV Video.jpgDo you

  • Deal with break-ins or false alarms?
  • Face rising insurance premiums or deductibles?
  • Use a guard service?
  • Worry about police response times?
  • Worry about responding to an incident in the middle of the night?

Because 95 to 99 per cent of dispatched calls from security systems are false alarms, police respond when and if they can. Adding Video Alarm Verification to your existing security system will

  • Reduce response times (typically from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes)
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Increase apprehensions 100-fold

How Video Alarm Verifications Works

A traditional alarm system only alerts you that an alarm has been tripped. It cannot verify false alarms. The intruder could be your cleaning lady or a dog.

Already have security cameras? CCTVs, digital video security cameras and DVRs are great tools for investigating an incident, but not verifying a crime in progress.

  • A Radius Video Alarm Verification system automatically captures video from five seconds before an incident to five seconds after
  • It sends the video clip immediately to the Radius video monitoring centre
  • Our video monitoring centre operators verify the break-in and call 9-1-1
  • Police respond quickly to the crime in progress
  • You receive the video clip on your smart phone. You press the “dispatch” or “ignore” button.
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Video Alarm Verification will also improve your organization’s productivity and accountability. Read more about remote tracking and loss prevention

Redhanded™ Remote Guarding

Radius' Redhanded™ remote guarding solution offers Video Alarm Verification for outdoor assets. Using Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software, Redhanded™ continously monitors your incoming video feed for suspicious activity. Radius operators can analyze, track and verify any police incidents. Again, the result is a faster, more effective police response.

Contact Radius Security today to learn more about Video Alarm Verification for your security intrusion system.

Your product offered the most cost effective method of securing the site and providing my clients with the peace of mind they were seeking. During the project we had three incidents where the security was compromised. In each case the Radius alarm monitoring center were able to dispatch the police immediately to the site….

“The system worked flawlessly. The project wrapped up without anyone’s apartment having their security breached. In comparison to security guards, your recommended solution was much more cost effective and in my professional view, responsive.”

--Jim Allison, Property Manager

“Based on all studies: 95% to 99% of all [alarm] activations are false…Is this a wise use of scarce police resources? Is the only strategy for law enforcement to reduce [false alarms]…to apply a 15-year-old failed strategy of fining the alarm owner?"

Craig Steckler, President of the International Association of Chiefs of Police

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