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From traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors to digital IP video surveillance cameras, your choices for video monitoring can be bewildering. You can opt for a security camera that generates 10-second clips to verify intrusions. Or a sophisticated remote guarding solution that monitors your property 24/7/365 using the latest video analytics technology. Or a combination of these and other technologies.

Radius Security offers a full range of video security solutions. Which one best suits your needs?


security cameraTraditionally, CCTV monitors and security cameras form the core of most video surveillance systems. The term refers to a system of arranging security cameras (in a closed circuit), rather than a specific type of camera. In fact, CCTV systems encompass a wide range of cameras.

Analog CCTV security systems record footage for later review, while digital CCTV video footage can be stored and viewed via the Internet. Video stored on a VCR, DVR or hard drive must be compressed to save space, resulting in blurry, low-resolution images. IP or network security cameras store footage on an embedded server, which processes slightly higher-quality images.

Video Analytics and Redhanded™ Remote Guarding

While CCTV has a variety of applications, not all CCTV cameras are ideal for outside video monitoring. Protecting outdoor assets requires sophisticated security cameras that have lenses with adjustable focal lengths, adapt to changing lighting conditions, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and can be operated remotely.

Radius’ Redhanded™ remote guarding system uses Human Detection Technology™ video analytics software to analyze and track input from these more sophisticated cameras. Unlike traditional CCTV video surveillance systems, Redhanded™ does not rely on human guards to monitor video feeds 24/7. Our video analytics software never sleeps, and allows you to monitor your site from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about Redhanded™ remote guarding.

Video Alarm Verification

Video Alarm Verification adds a critical layer of protection to any video surveillance system. Because 95 to 99 per cent of dispatched calls from security systems are false alarms, police respond when and if they can. However, if you can provide video to verify a crime in progress, police will assign your incident top priority.

With Redhanded™ remote guarding, Radius security personnel have continuous access to video footage of any suspicious activity. They can give police dispatchers a play-by-play of what is happening on site.

As an alternative to a 24/7 security video feed, or as part of your remote video monitoring solution, we also have cameras that generate video clips only when an intruder trips an alarm. Then the VAV system immediately sends a 10-second video clip to our video monitoring station operators and to your smart phone. Our operators and you can both verify the alarm from the clip and notify police.

Adding Video Alarm Verification to your existing security system will

  • Reduce police response times (typically from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes)
  • Eliminate false alarms
  • Increase apprehensions of intruders a hundred-fold

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More about Video Alarm Verification.

Thanks to dramatic advancements in security technology, your business security camera systems can be as straightforward or as sophisticated as your business demands and your budget allows.

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