Why Choose Remote Guarding for Your Vancouver Security Solution?

  • rosie3 (1).jpgContinuous monitoring, not timed spot checks.
  • Addresses fatigue and quality issues: Not dependent on a human operator scanning 500 cameras, or an on-site guard who can be eluded or intimidated.

I don’t have to worry about somebody sleeping here. Even with guards, I’ve had break-ins in front [of them]. -- Aly Jiwani, Open Road BMW Langley


  • 24-hour battery backup (300 amp-hour), and our interconnected remote cameras have a three-year battery life. Does not depend on power cables, which can be cut.
  • Access to cameras via your smartphone or other wireless device.
  • Verified threat detection. That means no false alarms, no fines and faster police response.
  • WiFi-enabled satellite cameras communicate directly with our central monitoring station.
  • Sophisticated Human Detection Technology video analytics software can be configured to detect intruders’ movements and ignore random movements. In all weather and lighting conditions.

We’re so confident Redhanded™ remote guarding works that we take responsibility for any damage to our equipment due to vandalism.

Simply put, Redhanded™ remote guarding works better and is far more cost-effective than mobile or on-site guard services:

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