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  • Feel unsafe?
  • Uncertain your home is burglar-proof?
  • Have a medical condition?

With Radius Security,

  • You can expect 100% peace of mind because we monitor your home alarm and your family around the clock.
  • You can live 100% without fear because we protect you from the dangers of a break-in, a fire or medical emergency.
  • You can depend 100% on us because we are home security and fire safety professionals.

Home Security Systems
Contact us and receive professional advice with our free security evaluation so your home isn't an easy target.

Smoke Detectors
Linking your smoke detectors to your Radius home security system safeguards your residence even when you're not home.

CO Detectors
Because this odorless gas can kill, we integrate CO detectors with your security system so leaks are easily detected.

Medical Alarms
When you push the personal panic button on your medical alarm, we contact you immediately with help.

Fire Extinguishers
A critical element to keeping your home safe and secure. As fire protection experts, we know that fire extinguishers are your first defense against a fire.

Water Detectors
Detects excess water in your home even when you're not there.

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