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Noah is Radius Security’s revolutionary leak detection and control technology. It can save you millions.

Water Leaks: A Critical Threat

Water leaks can cripple a construction project. Water damage. Delays. Financial liability. All because of a failed plumbing system. And, insurance will not cover many water damage claims.

If your project is close to completion, the costs could be devastating.

Case Study

It was a Friday night. On the 17th floor of a high-rise project, one month before the scheduled completion date, a small water hammer in a dishwasher on the top floor failed. By Monday morning, the undetected leak had reached the ground-floor lobby. The result: millwork, ceilings, walls and floors had to be replaced throughout the building. Delay: three months Total cost: more than $10 million.

The developer asked Radius to design a system that would detect a leak as small as 1 to 3 gallons per minute—because existing solutions don’t work for construction sites.

What Doesn’t Work

Guards: Visual inspections can’t catch every leak in a high-rise with non-functioning elevators. In fact, the $10 million leak above happened with a guard on site at the time.

Residential leak detection systems: Because water usage and electrical connectivity differ between a construction site and an occupied high-rise, residential systems can fail. Problems include:

  • False alarms
  • Wrong interpretation of usage data
  • Disarming after-hours
  • On-site manual set or re-set only
  • Water stuck in riser above the leak.
  • Lost data due to re-setting

Timing is everything. You need to know immediately if there is a potential leak.

Noah Lets You Know

Here’s how Noah works:

  • It monitors water flow rates and alerts Radius’ central monitoring station whenever a leak is suspected.
  • Operators visually verify, via our remote guarding cameras, whether tradespeople are still on site.
  • If the building is empty and the leak verified, we remotely shut off the water to the building and drain the remaining water in the plumbing stack above the leak.

No more risk of catastrophic water damage. Noah knows. And so will you.

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