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Hitting the Road for Spring Break

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Hitting the Road for Spring Break

March 24th, 2011 | by admin admin | in Safety Advice |    2   comments

With local school districts opting for a two-weekspring break this year, many families are heading south – and every otherdirection. Whether you’re shopping in Seattle orsuntanning in Sydney,here are some questions to consider before you hit the road (or tarmac):

-Is your car ready? Rain on the LowerMainland could easily mean snow and ice nearby. See your mechanic for a safetycheck and be prepared for the weather. Waiting for a tow truck is no fun onvacation.

-Do you have an emergency plan? Have you packeda first-aid kit, blankets and extra food? Do you have ICE (in case ofemergency) contact information listed on your mobile phone and in your wallet?

-Who knows where you’re going? Leave youritinerary with a friend or family member and arrange to check in with them whenyou arrive. On the other hand, don’t tell the whole neighbourhood or cybercommunity when your house will be empty.

-Who’s watching your house while you’reaway? A dark, shuttered house with flyers piling up outside makes an easy targetfor thieves.

-Do you have enough medication? Especiallyif you’re travelling overseas, ensure you have enough prescription medicationon hand if your trip is delayed. While you’re at the doctor’s office, checkthat you’re up-to-date on your travel vaccines.

-Do you have adequate medical insurance?Even a short trip to the UScould mean huge bills not covered by Medicare.

-Where will you store your valuables?Jewellery and other irreplaceable items would be better off in a safety depositbox than at home. Your passport, cash and other valuables that you bring onyour trip should be stored securely in separate locations. In a travel pouchclose to your person, or in different pockets and bags, for example. Throwingeverything into one purse is tempting fate.

-Are you ready for summer? If you’reheading for warmer climates, remember your sun safety guidelines: slip on ashirt, slather on sunscreen and slap on a hat. Stay well hydrated.

Author: Susanna Chu

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