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How to Avoid Road Rage

January 17th, 2023 | by admin admin | in News |    0   comments

Road_Rage.jpgRoad rage. Every day brings another headline. Ordinary commuters and tourists in a stress-filled world, driving on congested roads, suddenly snap. And someone gets hurt.

On a rainy February afternoon in East Vancouver, a man left his car and punched the driver of another vehicle. Video footage showed the suspect in handcuffs minutes later. In early April, a video showing a Quebec driver swearing and wielding a chainsaw at a young family went viral. The suspect, an auxiliary employee with the City of Montreal, was soon arrested and suspended from his job as a pruner. On April 14 in Ottawa, the driver of a pick-up truck witnessed an altercation between a cyclist and the occupants of a Toyota. The car’s passenger later stabbed the truck driver, who then damaged the Toyota with a tool. Police are still trying to locate everyone involved.

If you’re an experienced driver, you’ve likely witnessed or been involved in a road rage incident. It can leave you shaking and feeling vulnerable—or outraged.

ICBC (Tuning Up for Drivers Manual, Session 15.) offers the following tips for avoiding road rage:

• Don’t react to provocation.

• Keep your distance from erratic drivers.

• Don’t make eye contact with aggressive drivers.

• Use your horn only when it will help the other driver.

• Switch lanes only when necessary and use your signal.

• Don’t tailgate.

• Don’t block passing lanes.

• Don’t take more than one parking space.

• Always be polite and courteous. The other driver’s not the enemy.

• Take deep breaths.

It’s easy to take driving incidents personally. Your car feels like an extension of yourself and it gives you a sense of power. Getting cut off becomes a personal insult. Be aware of your feelings of anger and frustration as you drive, and take steps to manage those feelings before they unexpectedly trigger violence.

The best way to prevent road rage is by not responding.



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