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One Click Could Save Your Neck

September 3rd, 2014 | by admin admin | in Safety Advice |    5   comments

whiplash.jpgRaising the head restraint in your car by one click could save your neck a lifetime of pain, reducing your risk of whiplash injury by 35 per cent. Whiplash can occur in any crash situation but is most often a result of a rear-end collision.

What is whiplash? When your vehicle is struck from the rear, the seatback pushes against your torso and propels it forward. If your head is unsupported, it lags behind the torso until your neck reaches its limit, and your head suddenly whips forward. A good head restraint prevents this by moving your head forward with the body during a rear-end crash.

You can prevent whiplash by doing two things:

1. Buy a vehicle that has a good test rating for head restraints. Check your vehicle’s rating here. Not all vehicles, even new or expensive ones, are equal.

2. Ensure your head restraint is positioned properly.

Watch this ICBC video to learn how to position your head restraint correctly.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. Is it high enough? The top of the restraint should be even with the top of your head or at least to the top of your ears.

2. Is it close enough? The restraint should be around 5 cm (2 inches) from the back of your head. Closer head restraints are twice as good at preventing injuries as those set too far back.

Watch this video to see how the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety conducts its head restraint testing

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