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Stolen Property Recovered from Construction Sites

February 2nd, 2015 | by admin admin | in News |    4   comments

WVPD_stolen_property.jpgThanks to multiple police agencies, two alleged construction thieves were arrested and suspected stolen property worth thousands of dollars was recovered last week. Does some of that property belong to your company?

On January 24, the West Vancouver Police Special Projects Team, conducting a joint investigation with the New Westminster Police Department, caught the two suspects breaking into a storage container on a construction site in Richmond. With the assistance of the Richmond RCMP, they arrested the suspects.

Upon further investigation, the West Vancouver officers searched a storage locker in Vancouver and recovered hundreds of stolen items. They are now working to identify the original owners. The men arrested were suspected of multiple thefts across the Lower Mainland. If you have been a victim of theft from a construction site, you can try to identify your property on this video on Youtube or this photo gallery on Facebook.

West Vancouver Police encourage construction managers and contractors to review site security continually, and take steps to reduce the risk of break-ins and thefts.

Ensuring you have an effective video surveillance system in place is a good start. Alarms verified with video ensure any incidents on your construction site will receive high priority police response as crimes in progress. You have a much better chance of catching thieves in the act.

For open outdoor spaces such as construction sites, consider true video-analytics-enabled security cameras. These sophisticated devices continuously monitor an area for suspicious activity and can distinguish human intruders from raccoons, vehicles, leaves and other moving objects in all lighting and weather conditions. Cameras with true video analytics act as a virtual security patrol and cost far less than on-site guards.

For restricted areas indoors or difficult-to-reach assets such as rooftop air-conditioning units, there are security cameras that generate a series of video clips once an alarm has been tripped. These wireless video alarm verification systems can be an efficient, economical solution.

Contact a Radius Security professional today to learn more about how to best protect your construction site.

For more information: Construction Site B & E Suspects Arrested


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