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Are There Legal Limits to Commercial Video Surveillance in Canada?

January 13th, 2020 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments


Commercial video surveillance is becoming more and more popular in Canada, especially in public places. It's difficult to walk by any public place and not come across security cameras in the walkway, public store, or parking lot.

In a way, commercial video surveillance can violate the privacy of the people. It’s relevant to know how commercial video surveillance affects people and the rules that surround it.

The office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has numerous guidelines and rules concerning the use of public surveillance cameras. The laws command that the businesses or organizations that use surveillance cameras must mind the privacy of the individuals.

What laws do businesses and organizations have to follow?

Because folks have the right to privacy, privacy laws in Canada require most businesses to post understandable and precise signs that people are under surveillance. The sign should be placed in an area where the people can see it before entering the building.

What rights do people have?

Canadians have the right to know who is watching them.

The posted sign should give information about who is operating the system. For example, the floor that you are about to enter and the contact info if you have any questions about the security camera should be provided.

Where are commercial video surveillance cameras allowed?

Commercial video surveillance cameras are permitted in numerous public spaces. The laws that regulate where security cameras are allowed are somehow broad. The surveillance cameras are allowed where it is necessary to protect public safety, assist to deter or detect in the investigation of a criminal act.

Commercial video surveillance is not permitted to be placed so that they can be directed to windows of other buildings. Commercial video surveillance is not permitted in private areas in public, such as washrooms, change rooms, bathrooms, or any place where there would be a higher expectation of privacy. 

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