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Caught on Camera

January 8th, 2016 | by admin admin | in |    895   comments


Surveillance video can be amusing. Over the holidays, the Radius team watched:

  • A highly co-operative intruder walk over to a police officer to be arrested.
  • Four teens fighting at a construction site.
  • A swarm of patrol cars surround two suspects as they backed out of an auto dealer’s parking lot.
  • Three (drunk?) daredevils climb a large construction crane.
  • A late-night “shopper” tries to cart off a BBQ and other goodies from another car dealership.
  • A cyclist browsing between vehicles in other car lots, near where a snowblower had recently been stolen.

We’re happy to report, thanks to our remote video monitoring, all the suspects were arrested, except the cyclist. He was questioned and released because there was no damage. He soon left the premises, though.

For fuller descriptions and video of these and other success stories, check out our Caught in the Act page.

And, if you’re in the mood for chuckling at the mishaps of crooks caught on camera, you’ll enjoy these Global BC video clips of The Dumbest Criminals of 2015, featuring

  • A polite bank robber who didn’t consider asking for $150,000 a crime because he had said, “Please!” He also requested the teller to delay triggering the alarm so he could get away.
  • A klutzy ATM thief whose break-in tool bounced back at him. He also didn’t notice his chain breaking, so he got away with…nothing.
  • A deep-fryer thief who left a grease trail.
  • A bank robber who returned for a cameo appearance on a news report—about the original heist.
  • A sword thief who was taken down by a Renaissance wench.
  • Drake fans. One posted video of himself singing inside a stolen van. Another did a hip-hop number after a high-speed car chase.

Ah, thank goodness for security cameras, smart phones and other video sources that reassure us that not all criminals are clever.


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