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Construction Site Theft Prevention

March 30th, 2017 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    21   comments

construction_fence _DNE.jpgTheft from construction sites costs owners, builders and contractors millions of dollars every year. Copper wire, backhoes, appliances from residential developments, tools go missing from sites. At Radius, our security cameras capture multiple intruders and would-be thieves virtually every week.

One police department, in Canton, Michigan, offers extensive advice on preventing crime at job sites:

Before the Job Starts

1. Provide your police and fire departments of project details, including your timelines and contact information for key personnel.

2. Appoint a crime prevention co-ordinator, typically a senior operations manager or safety director. All site losses are reported immediately to the co-ordinator, who is the liaison with law enforcement, 24/7.

3. Establish a standard procedure for signing for deliveries. Maintain tight inventory control, with frequent spot checks. Do not store critical material any longer than necessary.

4. Limit access and control of keys to as few supervisors as possible. The crime prevention co-ordinator should keep track of all keys and ensure none are stored on site. A rivet through the key’s bow can prevent unauthorized duplication.

On the Job

1. Identify all assets and property, keep detailed inventory and track items as closely as possible. Engrave or mark equipment in two obvious and one hidden location. Even employees should engrave ID numbers on their personal property.

2. Minimize the number of gates. Post a guard, if possible, to monitor vehicles coming and going. Lock the gates after hours.

3. Store tools and equipment in a secure shed or fenced area. Employees should sign tools and equipment in and out.

4. Lock vehicles and remove keys from the ignition. Use metal shields to prevent vandalism. Lock oil and gas caps.

5. Use extensive lighting throughout, especially for trailers and storage areas. Lighting systems triggered by motion detectors and infrared sensors can be highly effective.

6. Install an audible, monitored alarm system.

7. Use a bonded and insured security provider to conduct regular patrols or maintain an on-site guard presence.

A Radius remote guarding security system, for example, can watch over your site 24/7 and our operators can conduct virtual site patrols from the monitoring station. If you have any questions about securing your job site, we’ll be happy to answer them.



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Additional resource:

U.S. Department of Justice. Reducing Theft at Construction Sites: Lessons from a Problem-Oriented Project. 


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