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How Safe is the Lower Mainland Area?

June 25th, 2019 | by admin admin | in |    0   comments

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How safe is the Lower Mainland area compared to other Canadian Metro areas?

Answer: Canada is considered to be one of the world’s safest countries, something that we can all brag about and benefit from. However, even the safest place in the world does come with some dangers, and vigilance for both personal safety and business security should be constantly maintained. We will be looking at how safety in the Lower Mainland area compares to other Canadian Metro areas.

Personal Safety

According to statistics Canada, most Canadians are satisfied with their personal safety. There are a couple statistics that are published which can give a good indicator of overall personal safety. One of these is the number of homicide victims. For Vancouver, in 2017 this number was at 52. This can be compared to 92 in Toronto, 46 in Montreal, 49 in Edmonton, 10 in Quebec, and only 1 in Ottawa.

When we look at homicides per 100 000 of the population, this can help to paint a more clear picture. For 2017, Vancouver is sitting at 2.02, whereas Toronto is 1.47, Montreal is 1.11, Edmonton is 3.49, Quebec at 1.24 and Ottawa 1.35.

From this, we can determine that Vancouver can be considered safer than Edmonton, but more dangerous than some other Canadian Metro Areas.

Business Security

We can also use data from Statistics Canada to examine overall business security in the lower mainland and compare this with other major metro areas. A good indicator of business security is to use the Crime Severity Index. This is a measurement of police reported crime which also considers the seriousness of each offence. In 2017, the most recent reportings, Vancouver has a crime severity index of 88.17. This is higher than Toronto at 55.40, Quebec at 48.50, and Montreal at 58.17. This tells us that while Vancouver is around the average for homicide victims, it is on the top end of the crime severity index.

So while Canada is a relatively safe country to live in, crime does happen, and the lower mainland appears to be more susceptible to it than other major Canadian Metros. As such, it is important that you protect yourself, and your business. Contact Security Systems Vancouver to learn about how you can enhance your personal safety and Business Security. 

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