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Is the Public Safety Crisis in Penticton Real?

November 15th, 2018 | by admin admin | in News |    0   comments

public safety crisis in Penticton

In view of what has been considered a public safety crisis in Penticton, many politicians in the area are turning their focus on the crime, drug abuse, and homelessness issues in the city. Citizens in the area note that the downtown area is a safety concern due to the drug and criminal activity in the area.

A survey of residents has shown that approximately 80 percent of business owners in the downtown area have concerns about the safety and security of themselves, their staff, their customers, and their stores. Some business owners have suggested that opening shelters away from the busy downtown area may discourage criminal and drug activity from the downtown core. Others argue that it is easier said than done to remove the homeless from one area to another – and does little to actually solve the problem.

Experts press the public to not assume that the homeless in the area are violent – and stress that often it is the homeless who end up as victims of crime. This is why homeless are often seen sleeping in parks and throughout the city during the day – because they do not feel safe at night, when crime runs rampant.

Still, the city of Penticton is being hard pressed to build reliable housing for the homeless. Experts agree that giving them a roof over their head and a permanent address is a solid way to begin the route of a safer downtown core.

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