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Remote Guarding Cuts Costs, Protects Employees

September 15th, 2016 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments

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Remote Guarding works. On September 3, 2016, Al MacIntyre--the branch health, safety and security liaison for Prairie Coast Equipment Langley—described how Remote Guarding dramatically cut PCE’s theft and vandalism losses (emphasis ours):

Today marks the six month anniversary since we went live with the new remote guarding system and monitoring from Radius Security/Van Fire Central Station.

Of note, there have been 36 incidents where people were detected on our property after hours and warned to leave the site immediately using the Radius SBA (Suspicious Behavior Alert) remote system.  SBA is a combination of siren, verbal directions/warning over a speaker system and blue/red strobe lights.

In addition to those 36 SBA events, we have had 5 suspects arrested acting in a criminal manner on our site, of which two are before the courts.

The RCMP have been called to our site for these events a total of 6 times and since we started six months ago, we have not had one "false alarm" report from the police hence no "false alarm" fines.

We also have not had to have a commercial security guard attend the site which in the past also came at a cost.

It is equally noteworthy that in the last six months, we have not had one loss of PCE equipment to theft and the only physical damage was during the earlier break in where the suspects were able to cut through the fence and a set of door hinges before being arrested on site.  As note, those two perps are before the courts.

When one compares these past six months to the previous period, it is like night and day. Theft of CUT [compact utility tractor], theft of trailer, theft of LT [lawn tractor], theft of catalytic convertor, damaged ignition systems and the list goes on, were all losses suffered by PCE at considerable expense and loss of productivity.

From a [health and safety] perspective, the system has also proven its worth.  Clearly when employees attend the site after hours, the system works to protect them as well, as noted in the recent event where our cleaning employee attended the site after hours, only to have a suspect enter illegally at the same time from the other side.  His presence was immediately detected by the system and the cleaning employee and the police were alerted.

At Radius, we’re proud to make a difference in our community.


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