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Securing your Vancouver business with Video Surveillance and Human Detection Technology

February 28th, 2019 | by admin admin | in |    4   comments

a cctv system in a vancouver business

Video surveillance (CCTV) systems are an essential part of securing your Vancouver business. CCTV systems have been staples in business security for decades, but modern systems come with several improvements and benefits, such as:

-        Cloud Storage and Remote Access

-        High Definition Image Quality

-        Human Detection Technology

Advances in remote storage technologies and the advent of “the cloud” means that CCTV systems no longer require racks of hard drives or kilometers of tape on-site to store and capture video data on. Modern video surveillance systems are network compatible, meaning video is stored remotely. Not only does this make this video more secure, but it also allows for remote access, meaning a system user can access video, recorded or live, from anywhere with internet access.

Speaking of video, modern systems are also high definition and offer crystal clear video quality. This provides massive benefits to securing your Vancouver business by giving clear indications of any nefarious activity. High definition images allow easier detection of activities, and identification of perpetrators.

One of the most interesting features of modern video surveillance systems are human detection technologies. These systems are able to detect human faces, and notify users if and when they are detected. No more false alarms from wild animals or other potential sources of motion.

Video Surveillance in Vancouver is an essential service to protecting and securing your business. Not only do modern CCTV systems offer these benefits, but the simple presence of the cameras themselves are enough to deter would be criminals.


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