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What Exactly is the Guard Runner Service?

July 30th, 2019 | by admin admin | in Security Advice |    0   comments

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What exactly is the Guard Runner Service?


Security systems have become more advanced over the last few years, offering everything from cloud-based HD video recording with human-facial detection technology, to two-way monitoring communication and remote guarding services. One popular service, provided by Radius Security for both commercial security and home alarm systems, is the Guard Runner Service.

When a home or commercial location is remotely monitored, there is live 24/7 monitoring with real people, from a remote location. This means that should an intruder be detected, a real person will confirm the security breach, and immediately alert the police or other emergency services.

When police are notified and asked to attend to a residence, they often require that an emergency contact, someone with a connection to the residence also attends. This can be very inconvenient.

If you are unable to attend yourself, you will need someone else to attend. Imagine being away on vacation and suddenly needing to get friends or family to meet the police at a residence. There may also be a safety concern, so you may not want to attend. This is where the Guard Runner Service comes into play.

This service means that the security company will dispatch a representative who will meet the police on-site. This person will also do a full exterior sweep, or enter the premise and complete a full security inspection. The security guard will be onsite to deal firsthand with your emergency.

Guard Runner Services provide another layer of peace of mind and protection, knowing that your residential or commercial building will be safe, secure and protected.


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